Voila!! Now You Can Pay your LIC Premium Using PAYTM!!

Paytm the famous digital currency platform of India has gotten into a partnership with the gigantic Life Insurance Corp (LIC) to ease the process of premium payments to different insurance companies.

“Insurance premiums are mostly paid through offline mode in our country. At Paytm, we want our customers to have a seamless payment experience,” said the chief operating officer Kiran Vasireddy. She even went on to say that at Paytm we want to educate our customers about the benefits of online payments by introducing them to various benefits of online transactions.

Pay Your LIC Premium Using Paytm

Through Paytm you can now make insurance premium payments for over more than thirty insurance companies which include companies like LIC, Reliance Life, HDFC Life, HSBC Life Insurance, TATA AIA, SBI life and many more.

In the recent past especially after the demonetization took place Paytm has risen up to unbelievable heights and the team of this digital currency certainly plans to keep on growing more and more. Paytm is exploring various aspects of how digital world and the monetary world is connected be it online payments, online ticket booking, online account payments, online shopping, BHIM UPI (i.e.  Bharat interface for money ) and many more. The company has taken its toll in the insurance sector as well. It will now be acting as an aggregator and a payment gateway for other insurance companies but back in February Paytm has already registered two new entities naming:

  1. Paytm General Insurance Corporation Ltd.
  2. Paytm Life Insurance Corporation Ltd.

Paytm has even registered a product under the name of ‘’Paytm Score’’ which will help users analyze their credit score. Pay your premium with more discount.

Overall this digital platform is developing in a very good direction and keeps on bringing something innovative in the market making sure the users love using it even more. Digital currency is still a term which has still years to reach the core part of our nation but through Paytm the process of increasing the knowledge about this easiness of making payments and many more things have not just started but in the progressing stage. so next time you wanna pay your premium you need not to call your agent or go someplace to make sure the payment is done all you gotta do is “ PAYTM KARO”

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