Vi FREE Data Code Jun 2023: Get 60GB Data (5 Tricks)

Vi free data codes and tricks for users who are looking for Vi free daily data. On this page, you found the tricks at last, where your search ends because you are landed at Vi free 5 best tricks page to get the benefits of other Vi methods also to get free data on your Vi number.

Are you spending such a lot of money on internet data? Are you facing problems thanks to limited internet data on Vodafone? Vodafone and Idea are offering free data, which means you can enjoy your internet data and services without any charge, but on one condition which you must follow and that is you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to know the proper way to enjoy free data tricks

Recently Vodafone & Idea complete their alliance & become a new cellular network Vi telecom network.

Vi Free Data Code

Let’s Dive Right in

On 31 August 2018, Vodafone India merged with idea cellular to make a new entity named “Vodafone Idea” limited. On 7 September 2020, Vodafone-Idea officially merged and called its new brand identity, ‘Vi’.

It’s natural, that new company offer lot of things to attract customers, they will give you many offer with this new stated like recharge offer & free internet code etc. and from the start they have already launched offers for 1 Gb of Free data offers.

Vodafone idea launched this offer for their users. You don’t have to pay even a single penny for it. You just need Vi SIM to urge free internet data service. No matter whether you’ve got prepaid or postpaid Vi SIM, you’ll apply this USSD Code and get your Vi free data today. How you can apply methods to get Vi free data offers by using multiple methods like Vi free data codes, from Vi App or through calls. You only got to have a Vi mobile number.

With the assistance of those free data codes, you’ll not need to spend even a single rupee from your pocket for a subsequent data recharge plan.

Yes, you heard it right. In this article, we are going to give some Vi free data code numbers which can be used to credit free 3G/4G data on your postpaid sim by dialing.

Now, Vi is offering free 7 GB of data to some of the Vodafone & Idea users. They have also launched the “Vi Spot The Logo” campaign through which they are offering free ₹100 flat Off Zomato vouchers.

1. VI Free Internet Tricks

How To Get 7GB Data (1GB per day offer)

Now only some users of Vi users are getting the benefit of this offer like users with the last date of their plans most likely availing this offer:

1. Check your message inbox they are sending these free benefit offers through SMS so if you have a Vi card or Idea, Vodafone card then hurry to check your messages or dial the below mentioned USSD codes to have free data offers

2. There is also another way you can check it from the Vi app for that you have to first download the Vi official app from the Play Store and login into your account through your number and check it

3. the easiest way is to Dial *111# USSD code through which you can check your new plan is credited or not

4. You can also check out this thing from my Idea and my Vodafone app they will also show you this benefit

2. VI Free Data Tricks

Get 4G 30GB Free Internet Data by Vi Free Data Offers

Vi (Vodafone Idea) is offering a massive amount of 4G data to its 4G new customers it is giving 30GB 4G data who have upgraded their 3G or 2G SIM to 4G SIM but this offer is only for selected customers who have joined Vodafone 4G by official portal from other networks and if you are one of those lucky customers than grab your data offer by following steps which are mentioned below to activate it.

3. Vi Free Internet Offer

By giving just a miss call Get an offer of 10GB free only for Vi Customers Only

To catch this offer you have to be the eligible customer for this offer and want to know how to know if you are eligible or not then follow the steps which are given below. Some Vi users are benefited by clamming 10 GB free data for 10 days from Vi using these tricks you can also check your eligibility 

1. open dialer of your phone

2. Now you just have to call on number 121356, and then your call will be connected shortly after some time

3. And now press 5 to activate this offer

4. In an instance you will get the message that 10GB data is credited into your account of your Vi card number

5. And to check the internet balance you can open the Vi app or dial the net balance checking number

4. Vi Free Data Offer

By just registering in the App you can get 1GB Vi free Data to offer in your pocket

By installing and registering first time on Vodafone app you can grab the Vi free Data offer of 1 GB data for the whole month isn’t it a good one?

Now for that you should meet some of these T&C for which you nee to download Vodafone app (Vi App), you have to follow the steps which are given below to claim this offer and another note that you must be a new Vodafone app user otherwise it’s not for you apply other offers for which you are eligible!

1. Install the Vi app on your mobile

2. And now it’s time to create new login into your Vi account and complete the steps of verification through OTP and number

3. Open the App homepage and at the top, you will see the banner of 1GB data offer click on it instantly

4. And now click to clam the offer for yourself.

5. You will receive 1GB of Data free for a whole month for 28 days…!

Hello friends now it’s time to know about every time it’s being night offers

But only with the Vi unlimited daily data recharge which begins from Rs. 249 but there is a note that you must Know and that’s the available recharge should be made on or after 16th, February 2021 so it is open for us but for not those who have recharged before 16th Feb…!

Do you Know Vi is Giving Unlimited Data at Night?

Yes, you heard right through Vi Free data offers Vi is giving free Unlimited Data from 12 AM to 6 AM in the early morning every day without any problem or extra charge! Then why are you waiting for just let’s go enjoy true unlimited Data in the night but to get this there is a fact that you must apply for the pack of Rs. 249.

In the night, you can get Unlimited free data without any charge and unlimited calling on Vi both at the same time.

Vi also introduced new offers and deals which includes free unlimited data and messaging from 12 Am to 6 Am, but these data offers are only available for customers who have plans of Rs. 249 or more.

How can You use and get Vi Unlimited Data?

To claim the unlimited use of Data of vi you should only need to recharge your Vi SIM number with the plan of Rs. 249 or above it after purchase of Vi pack, this unlimited data offer will enable on its own through which you can enjoy all night without any disturbance from midnight 12 Am till in the early morning at 6 AM which is quite a good offer in its own

What are the advantages of using data All Night?

All customers who have plans starting from Rs. 249 and going on plans of Vi SIM number are eligible for this offer with these plans you can get the benefit of Unlimited regular speed data without disturbance or decrease in speed in-network by the company along with your existing plans and unlimited calling feature.

Who will be eligible For benefit of the Vi free data offer at night?

Customers or users who have upgraded their UL regular data recharge from Rs. 249 to above till getting the massive discount which will be available for the duration of validity of recharge whether it is 1 month or 6 months.

But the fact is the customers who have previously purchased this kind of service will not get the discount automatically.

What if we miss the expiry date of my last recharge and there is some time gap between my UL pack expiry and the subsequent UL daily data recharge?

The result will be simple as the UL pack expired and if there is a delay between those previous and new packs of valid UL recharge then your all night advantage will be expired as soon as you made mistake.

Yap, there is no doubt about it.

What is a weekend rollover?

Under Vi, a free Data Offer Rollover offer is introduced to customers by Vi in which they are giving a similar type of service like Airtail but it is Different in some aspects.

Weekend rollover is a data sever feature which accumulates the unused daily data and provide it all at once on the weekend days but there is also some twist, with this feature you can enjoy all your weekend without thinking that much about Data.

The fact: it allows the use of that remaining data only on weekend in short on (Sunday and Saturday)

Who are eligible for weekend rollover data?

You can enjoy all your weekend with all your night (Data) remaining of the week if you have subscribed to the plan of Rs.249 or more then you can get assured because you are eligible for this rollover data offer.

5. VI Free Internet Tricks

12GB Free 4G Data [100% Verified] 

I Hope nowadays I am sure that everyone loves free recharges and free Paytm and new companies offering them to attract customers.

If you want to stay connected to the internet and want to use it then you should think about taking a VI card because with this offer from vi you can have 12GB free 4G data  by which you can enjoy your things with good speed along with daily recharge packages.

This process is going to take some time thus if you have patience then you can win Rs.98 or Vi recharge of  12GB of free 3GB 4G data for a whole month now for this offer you may have to download the different application so don’t complain to me.

If you want to do this then lets our steps one by one by downloading not less than the 4 most popular and useful apps

1.Vi Free ₹50 Recharge Using Paytm

• First of All Download and install Paytm and fill in all details and complete full KYC

• Now find the prepaid recharge option and click on it.

• And now make Vi recharge for your card little invest.

• Enter amount of Rs. 50 and also enter the promo code “FIRST”

• Now complete transaction process through UPI

• You will get Rs.50 cashback on the recharge of Rs.50 (Return of investment)

• Check your internal balance of VI you will have almost Rs.38 in your account.

2.Vi Free 50 Recharge Using FreeCharge

• Just as before Download the Freecharge App

• Just like in Paytm create the account and fill in all necessary details

• And complete your Full KYC in Freecharge

• Find the Recharge section and enter the amount of Rs.50

• And apply Promo code “UPI” so you can grab the vi free data offer

• Complete the transaction using the UPI payment option

• And get Rs.50 cashback in your account with a recharge of Rs. 50 

• Again you will have an extra Rs.38 balance in your Vi account

3.Vi Free 100 Recharge Using Mobikwik

• Download Mobikwik & Create an Account

• And create the account and complete the KYC

• Goto the recharge section and enter the amount of Rs 100.

• And apply promo code INDIA for Cashback

• Get ₹100 Cashback on ₹100 Recharge

• You Will Get Almost Rs. 86 In Your Account

4.Vi Free 30 Recharge Using Amazon

• Download the amazon app on your Smart Phone

• Create the UPI

• Goto Recharge ₹30 & Enter VI Number to recharge Number

• Pay Through Amazon UPI Get 30 Cashback in return

• You Will Get Almost 22 Talktime

How much we have collected and how we can use it???

Now its time to make the Recharge of Rs.98 and you will have your 12GB data without that much work from following all the above steps you will have a Vi balance of equal to or more than Rs.98 and now just following steps which are given below you can make use of Rs.98 from your VI account.

1) As always open the Dial Pad on your phone

2) Enter the code *444# on your dial pad and call

3) Then Select the Services validity pack for recharge

4) Now it’s time to select the plan of rs.98 and active it with your main balance

5) Now finally you have the 12 GB data for free of cost

Now that we have gone through some of the really mazing vi free data offers, let’s take some general knowledge of important USSD codes for your vi card.

Important USSD codes For daily use of your Vi Card

*199*1#Best Fitting Offers for you
*199*2#your Vi card Balance & Usage
*199*2*1#1.To know about All Balance
*199*2*2#2.To know only about Internet Usage
*199*2*2*1#1.For Total Data Usage
*199*2*2*2#2.Keep a check on Daily Data Usage
*199*2*2*3#3. To Start Data Notifications
*199*2*2*4#4. To Stop Data Notifications
*199*2*3#3.Find out the Last 3 Calls and SMS details
*199*2*5#4.Latest Recharge details for your card of last 3 days
*199*3#5. Manage your Vi Account
*199*6#6.Other Details of your Vi Sim
*199*6*1#1. Find a Vi-Store near you
*199*6*2#2.Check 4G Status of your Vi SIM
*199*6*3#3.Quick help With Vi Call or message

All important USSD code we can find and others were not so much of use thus Use them as much as you want so you can keep updated with the time.

All offers and cashback schemes are available for the present time following all conditions and if you are eligible then these offers will be proved to be useful for you.

We have checked the tricks and they are working for many users I hope they will also work out for you so you can enjoy good speed and a lot of data daily for some awesome fun with Vi Free data offers

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