How to Transfer Media Files from iCloud to Google Photos 2023 [Guide]

Fed up with trying multiple ways but still not satisfied and seeking the easiest way to transfer media files from iOS to Android. You can get rid of such issues by just following this easy guide. Generally, people face multiple problems such as limits, transferring speed of the file, or paid subscription for such software. But the way we will tell is very simple and easy to follow.

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How to Transfer Photos from iCloud to Google Photos?

STEP 1: Open Data & Privacy Settings

Transfer Photos from iCloud to Google Photos

STEP 2: Now login to your Apple ID account from which you want to transfer media files

STEP 3: Click on 3rd option Under “Transfer A Copy of Your Data” i.e. “Request to Transfer A Copy of Your Data”

STEP 4: Now Choose Google Photos from the dropdown as the destination of the transfer

Credit: CNET

STEP 5: Choose what type of media file you want to transfer such as Photos, Videos, or both Click Continue

STEP 6: Make sure you have enough space in Google Photos before transferring

STEP 7: Login to your Google Account in which you want to transfer your media files from iCloud

STEP 8: Now allow Apple to add photos and videos to your Google Photos account

STEP 9: Click on “Confirm Transfer” button

It will take 3-7 days to get transferred from iCloud to Google Photos account. After successful transfer, you will get confirmation email on your email address.

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