RentoMojo: iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and More on Rent Starting at Rs. 2,099

RentoMojo is where you can get everything on the rental basis. An online rental solution for all your furnishing needs. Here you can win furnishing items and also you can get free rental months on some products. Want to have iPhone X? but don’t want to buy it or is it too expensive? so RentoMojo is here to offer you things on rent.

Why Renting?
Because sometimes such things as furniture and electronic costs aren’t the right option to invest. But at the same time, we desire for them. So for the same RentoMojo offers you to have things on rent. It is the easier way to have your desired things on rent. You can have 1 or 2 months free rental items with RentoMojo offers such as Moonson offers. They assure the quality of both products and services at the end of the customer. It’s a hassle-free solution that comes with buying. So say hello to the new way of getting things on rent.

Currently, RentoMojo is serving their services only in six metropolises cities Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Noida. And they deal only in rental business. What you can have at RentoMojo: You can rent furniture, dining tables, sofa, mattress, bed, electronics such as iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, etc.

RentoMojo: Google Pixel 2, Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 on RENT

Rentomojo Rental Services

Hire bike on rent in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Noida. You can have washing machines, TV’s, etc. on rent.

RentoMojo has recently started to offer smartphones on rent as well. Here you can get premium smartphones on rent like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, etc. for the half year or two years or more as per the plan they have. We have listed no. of items below in a table to give you more idea about rental per month.

Model 6 Months Plan 12 Months Plan 18 Months Plan 24 Months Plan (Max Savings) Refundable Deposit
Apple iPhone X (Black, 64 GB) Rs. 9299/ month Rs. 4999/ month Rs. 4499/ month Rs. 4299/ month Rs. 9998/ month
Apple iPhone 8 (Grey, 64 GB) Rs. 7399/ month Rs. 4399/ month Rs. 4085/ month Rs. 4085/ month Rs. 8798/ month
Samsung Galaxy S9 (Grey, 64 GB) Rs. 6499/ month Rs. 3469/ month Rs. 3099/ month Rs. 2999/ month Rs. 6938/ month
Google Pixel 2 Rs. 3899/ month Rs. 2699/ month Rs. 2299/ month Rs. 2099/ month Rs. 5398/ month
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Black, 64 GB) Rs. 7799/ month Rs. 4099/ month Rs. 3699/ month Rs. 3599/ month Rs. 8198/ month

RentoMojo also gives you an option through which you can own the renting item after two-years if you wish to do this.

Note: If you rent an item for the longer period then the rent per month will be less as compared to shorter tenure. Like if you have the iPhone X on rent for half a year it will cost you about Rs. 9,299 per month but for two-years, it will cost you about Rs. 4,299 per month. So it means more years equal to less rent per month. RentoMojo also takes one month rent in advance which is considered as an initial refundable amount. After two years of renting the iPhone X, now you can own the renting item like in this case you will have to pay an extra amount Rs. 15,556 to own the iPhone X.

For Google Pixel 2 monthly rent is about Rs. 2,099 for half a year but for two years it is about Rs. 5,398 per month. So under the flagship phones category, Google has the least amount of rent. RentoMojo will take Rs. 5,398 as a refundable amount from the customer on the Google Pixel 2. We’ve listed more offers and the rental amount in the table, therefore, you can compare.

As we mentioned above, they have only rental solutions and for many, it can be the attractive factor to have things on rent. So they have flagship premium smartphones those are available on rent for half a year or two years of the plan. After 24 months of the rental, you can own the item by giving an additional amount.

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