OLA Electric Scooter Got Booked 1 lakh Times In Just 24 hours

Electric vehicles are in the run and increase in the prices of petroleum products giving it finally required push to change the mindset of people, to change this decade with green motors recently with the very aggressive entry in the new two-wheeler space the Ola Electric Scooter shown its popularity in 24 hours of its opening.

Ola Electric Scooter
Ola Electric has launched its first electric scooter with promising facts like 150 KM range and acceleration. Image source: Ola Electric

Price of the scooter

INC42 had told that OLA is getting ready for the Global Launch of E-Vehicle Scooter which is assumed to have 3 different variants at least

And the lightest E-Scooter variant is expected to be below Rs 1 lakh, and the highest model will be available around Rs 1.5 lakh which was leaked by INC42 on the 8th of July

Also, the news has leaked out that The OLA Team will be preparing to launch Scooter in Asian and European markets in September ending but luckily, they are trying to open pre-order at the starting of August for the Indian market.


This scooter software unit operated with a 7’’ touch screen color console which supports both Android and ios operating systems, we get features like Internet connectivity, GPS Navigation support to explore unknown areas, it has 10 W Specker module to make your ride memorable, updates will also be provided on regular basis through OTA


Type lithium-ion battery with capacity: 1155Wh


Motor power is also best in its price range that is 6000W, motor type AC is Brushless, the motor generates 50Nm torque for speedy and marvels ride.

Ola claims Acceleration time for reaching 0 – 45 Kmph is just 3.9 sec


Comes with fully functional Disc brakes on both rear and front wheel, keeping you safe

Now the OLA owned the etergo.com website but the interesting info is that the Earlier website version is taken from internet Archives which clarify many things like there will be three interchangeable battery modules and every battery will be of 600W capacity that resulting in providing 80KM rage for each module and each of the modules will have a battery capacity of 1,155Wh

Ola Electric Features
Ola Electric Scooter features. Image source: Ola Electric

The company has revealed that hyper-charger will come with fast charging capabilities and the soon-market launching OLA Scooter can be charged up to 50 % in just a few movements of 18 minutes and with it can go up to 75 KM range. Which conclude that OLA E-Scooter will be able to give a ride for 150Km in single full charging with a good top speed of 90Kmph and with smartphone connectivity which has been mentioned in the features of the scooter

News that 1 lakh Scooter booked in just 24 hours

There is one popular idiom, that is “your First Impression is the last impression” and when it comes to first impression this time OLA Electric Scooter is winning the price because after the launch of this vehicle people prebooked swiftly but in massive number at Rs.499 in just 24 hours of launching.

“As whenever there is raise there is fall” OLA Electric Scooter booked very quickly and in a big number of 1 lakh surely there will be some cancellation but the splash of water due to green scooter cannot be ignored now for future planning.

Hyped people making moves on this news created record braking booking within the 1-day span, forced Chairman and Group CEO, Ola to tweet about record 1,00,000 reservations within the first 24 hours.

Although Bhavish Aggarwal the group chairman and CEO of OLA called this “the starting of strong consumer trend regarding electric” and said his company will proportion production of two-wheeler and other green products

As conventional fuel prices are going up day by day, the modern world is moving towards the revolution of green fuel use, best example of this statement was seen last Saturday when Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman, and Group CEO, Ola said “I am exhilarated by the great response from buyers across India for our 1st E-vehicle.”

“The record demand could also be a clear indicator of shifting penchant to Electric vehicles…this is simply the starting!” he said furthermore.

OLA has not told that did they started production or not but they have released a note that OLA is has owned 500 acres in Hosur which is located in Tamil Nadu and also started the manufacturing unit of its own as “Future Factory” and the construction is going on Swiftly.

Apart from this the service after sales also plays important role in deciding the future goals of the Company, and OLA said no word about it till this week but now Ola is continuously focusing on it to ramp up production, charging networks, and repair service

OLA has a target to launch 1,00,000 charging stations called “hyper charger” in around 400 cities which will help people to charge their e-scooter 50% in less than 18 minutes at the public charging station, which will eventually be launched as a customized subscription plan.

It is also said that the upcoming factory of OLA will be the owner of the world’s biggest production facility of two-wheeler vehicles which is near to its completion and also the Bhavesh Aggarwal tweeted and confirmed that the first phase is going to complete very soon

Additionally, he also hinted that the first electric scooter company will be coming in near future, particularly Bhavish added in just a few months that place had transformed from acres of empty rock land to the biggest facility of two-wheeler production factory. The factory named “future Factory” was near completion, and the scooter will be coming soon.

How to reserve an Ola Scooter

You can pre-book your ola Scooter at the low price of 499 not only that you can book multiple Scooter at one time and for that, you just need to do one thing and which you have to get verified with the help of your phone number with OTP verification method from olaelectric.com

Also, after the successful booking company will send you your order ID and other important details through email or SMS, On any condition, if you wished to cancel your booking then the OLA company has assured that the amount will be refunded in your account without any extra charges in 7-10 working days.

Ola also answered some FAQs on the website surely it will be worth looking at if you have any doubts…!

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