Nielsen Mobile Panel App:  Redeem Points, FREE Rs 500 Gift Card & Vouchers

Nielsen Mobile Panel App

This reward app will keep your money in your wallet which helps you to have more value for FREE!

Nielsen Mobile Panel App

Offer Summary:

By redeeming your Nielsen reward points you can get Rs 100 Amazon Gift Card or Paytm Real Money. As we know there are many cashback apps that help you to save your money but this little different let us see how below.

What Is Nielsen Panel App?

Nielsen Mobile Panel is an app that is available for both Android and iOS and they have expertise in market research where they as to their users to contribute for the same and in exchange get reward points.

How Does It Work?

When you install the app you actually help them to understand how you use your mobile devices and internet such as what type of websites and apps you like and how you use them.

It’s not like other apps such as Zillskill where you have to complete certain tasks to earn free Zcoins which you can redeem later on.

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Steps-by-Step Guide:

  1. The offer is valid once you install Nielsen app
  2. You will get FREE Rs 150 Amazon or Paytm Gift cards / Vouchers every month
  3. You just have to install the app on your device and use your device like you do without bothering about Nielsen app
  4. When you install it for the first month then you will earn FREE Rs 150 Amazon/ Paytm Gift card or voucher which you can redeem later on

Note: Every 1100 points you can redeem for Rs. 100 gift voucher so if you want to earn Rs. 1000 then in that case you have to earn at least 11000 points

How to Download Neilsen Mobile Panel App to Have FREE Amazon or Paytm Gift Vouchers:

1. Firstly go to the play store for Android and apple store for iOS

2. After installing the app just agree to the terms & conditions and click on Accept to move forward as shown in the below image

3. Now enter your basic details such as first and last name along with the Mobile Number, Pincode etc. as shown in the below image

4. After verification of your basic details, you will be asked some basic survey questions

5. Give it a try and tap on Save to move forward

6. Now download Nielsen app by tapping on the APK icon once landed on the Download App Page

7. You may also get a link to download the APK file on your registered mobile number

8. After installing the app Give All Permission then Login using your mobile number and password which you generated recently while signing up for the app

9. Now Enable Accessibility option in settings the status would be shown Active and make sure usage access is ON

10. Go to the Redeem Rewards Points sections by clicking on Earned Points

11. Verify your Email address to move forward

12. Now you need to select how you would like to redeem your points

13. Select the store where you want to redeem your points as shown in the below image

14. Everything is done, interact with the app daily for the next 30 days to earn 50 points daily

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