Netflix StreamFest: How to Watch Netflix for Free in December for 2 Days

OTT platform Netflix has introduced StreamFest where anyone can access free streaming on Netflix in India. You can watch unlimited shows, movies, series and more without any payment details on 5th & 6th December 2020. Anyone can access Netflix for free even though non-subscribers without providing payment details.

Netflix StreamFest How to Watch Netflix for Free

Netflix has canceled its one-month free-trial in the last month but offers like StreamFest users can get in upcoming days also at no cost. This weekend you can enjoy free Netflix and watch favorite series, movies and reality shows.

How to Watch Netflix for Free Under StreamFest Offer:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up with name, email or phone number & password
  3. No payment details needed
  4. Access free streaming on Netflix while StreamFest live
  5. Watch free Netflix starting 12 AM, 5th December to 11:59 PM, 6th December 2020
  6. Offer is valid across all the devices

During Netflix StreamFest access to all of Netflix is free, watch your favorite shows and movies on your devices. After that, you can continue watching your favorite shows and series by subscribing to a fixed monthly plan starting from Rs. 199. Get 30% off on yearly plans.

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