How to Move WhatsApp Chats to Telegram (7 STEPS)

Here you will get to know everything about how to move WhatsApp Chats to Telegram following the new Telegram feature which has been released recently by the organization.

This allows WhatsApp users to migrate their existing chat to Telegram for a better user experience or for familiarity with Telegram. This new feature is also working for both Line and KakaoTalk users.

  • Because of the new Telegram feature, WhatsApp chats can be migrated to Telegram
  • You have to follow Simple STEPS to Move WhatsApp Chat History to Telegram
  • Both iOS and Android users can Move their chats to Telegram from WhatsApp
How to Move WhatsApp Chats to Telegram in Simple STEPS
Move WhatsApp Chats to Telegram

WhatsApp users being concerned about privacy and their personal data which is apparently a major concern after WhatsApp has done some changes in its privacy policy and as result people are seeking better options to leave WhatsApp because of the unhealthy privacy policy released by the organization.

Previously Telegram released the chats migrate feature for iOS but now Android users can also use it to migrate chats history to Telegram.

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People are finding Telegram and Signal a better alternative to WhatsApp where Telegram is not lacking behind to give better features so that it is easy for WhatsApp users to migrate.

In continuation of that Telegram has released a feature where WhatsApp users can also move even their chats history to Telegram with the help of this new Telegram feature. Here on this page, we have added a small guide to help you in migrating your WhatsApp chats to telegram.

How to Move WhatsApp Chats History to Telegram (Android)

  1. Firstly, Open WhatsApp and select any chat you want to export
  2. Now navigate to the three-dot icon and then click on More
  3. Select Export Chat option
  4. Then choose an option from with or without media (If you want your media files then you will select the ‘Include Media’ option or vice versa)
  5. Make sure you have already installed the updated Telegram app before proceeding further (It’s better to install it already before starting any step)
  6. Now select Telegram from the Share menu
  7. In the last step, go to Telegram & find the Saved Message draft, tap on it to import chats in Telegram from WhatsApp

How to Move Chats to Telegram (iOS)

  1. Open WhatsApp and select any chat from contacts
  2. Tap on a contact name to open the ‘Contact Info‘ or ‘Group Info‘ page
  3. Scroll down to navigate the ‘Export Chat‘ option
  4. Then a pop-up will open where you have to select Telegram from Share Menu
  5. Now select with or without media option (If you want your media files then select ‘Attach Media’ option or vice versa)

More than 100 million new users have already joined Telegram because of changes in WhatsApp privacy policy where Facebook can access WhatsApp metadata and business group conversation anytime.

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