Lybrate Offer: Acne Control Organic Harvest Fash Wash 100gm at Rs 24 (Worth Rs 120)

Lybrate is offering one of the best offer for Acne Control Organic Harvest Fash Wash 100gm at just Rs 24 while the actual price is Rs 120. This effective price will be due to 80% Lybrate cash which will be credited into your Lybrate account after purchase. Purchasing through this offer this Lybrate Organic Harvest Acne Control Face Wash – 100gm will cost you Rs 24 after Rs 96 of cashback. To get this deal, please follow the steps.


How to Get Rs 96 Cashback on Organic Harvest Acne Control Face Wash – 100gm:

  1. Acne Control Organic Harvest Fash Wash 100gm
  2. Add to the cart
  3. Login or register
  4. Enter or update your shipping details
  5. Proceed to make the payment using the best payment option

Product Details:

  • 100% Organic
  • Ingredients: Neem & Tea Tree (Organic)
  • Free from Sulphate
  • Ideal to control Acne (fash wash)
  • Detoxify, Remove Impurities and Beat Acne
  • Melaleuca Alternafolia Fruit Extract (Tea Tree)


  • Assured 80% cashback in the form of LybrateCash in your Lybrate account
  • Effective price will be Rs 24 (Worth Rs 120)

Some of you also want to know how to use it? Visit here to know. Form now use organic items to improve your skin and for looking better/ glowing.

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