Jio vs Airtel – Free Offers, Promo Codes (Cheaper or Better)

Jio vs Airtel: Jio free services are attracting other operator users. People are feeling that their existing network connection is more expensive than Jio that’s why people are switching to Jio. It looks promising for fast data connection & free calls. As per Jio service all other telecom operator looks more expensive so people are taking it as their primary operator even if free offer ends.

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Airtel users are decreasing day by day in numbers so Airtel is keep releasing exciting offers for their users even some are of free offers. But which one is better for you? Reliance will launch its Jio brand commercially in April 2017 after that real facts will come in front of us. Down the 6 months who will be the cheaper one? So crucially, which you think is better for your usage or experience?

Jio Vs Airtel

Airtel Vs JIio

Should you primarily switch to Jio from Airtel?

If your answer is yes, than what will be the punt? Let’s come on to money related questions.

Because of Jio free offers are enabled, it’s unbeatable. So right now no one can overtake Jio in this segment.

Jio is planning to charge you for their services over Jio sim such as data usage starting 1st April 2017. Rs. 19/ day for 100 MB or Rs. 499 for 28 days for 4G data among others. Highest price may be as Rs. 4999. Postpaid billing starts at Rs. 149 with 300 MB data which may go up to Rs. 4999.

All calls will remain free on even after 31st March 2017. Roaming to any network also including previous one. So with SMS service also. So wins for now but situation may change in coming days. Airtel is little expensive it we see Jio plans such as of Rs. 499 & above. Down the month of april it may change. Airtel & Jio money part almost seems the same for now. Let’s check advantages and disadvantages of Jio.

Jio Advantages & Disadvantages:-

Free Stuff: Indians love freebies and Jio is offering free stuff. No other operator can beat that deal. You get free 1GB data every day, free calls both local & STD, even when you’re roaming India and free messages. After 31st March 2017 it might take some charge but calls and messages will remain free*.

Call Quality & Data Speed: Disappointed Jio’s network strength. At some places it works correctly. Through VoLTE call quality is good especially when you’re calling a Jio user. No background noise is their so good voice quality. Data speed is quite good; we can say that it is at par with Airtel & Vodafone. You can surf on YouTube without buffering when you’re getting nice signals.

Network Issues: Lots of problems are their when comes to network. Jio users face lots of network problems daily. When comes to indoor, basements, sub-urban areas or also on the open road. It looks vanished.

Connectivity Issues: Somewhere it’s famous for its connectivity issues or rather infamous for its connectivity issues. Lots of time Jio is unable to place a single call. Only patience having person can handle it.

Final Word (Jio Vs Airtel): It may be better option over Airtel because it is free but Airtel is better because it gets the job done.

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