Top Best iPhone 6 Covers & Cases under Rs. 600 Easily Available in India

Apple handset is a SLIM smartphone designed beautifully one, other phones need protection but iPhone demands it. Well to own an iPhone is an asset and assets need protection or else when exposed they might get tampered spoiling the wonderful looking phone.

World could increase the risk of it getting damaged, as all it takes is a single slip to end up with a ding, scuff, or crack that will spoil those good looks. That’s why you need to invest in one of the best iPhone 6 cases. Check out a few of our current favorites below.

To keep your iPhone in pristine condition you need to protect it as a phone will fall no matter how hard you try to protect it (2 out of 5 times it does fall).

So here we are telling you about the latest and the most affordable handpicked iPhone 6 covers which you can use to keep your iPhone in the best of its form. These are our current handpicked favorites.

Top Best 5 iPhone 6/ 6S Cases & Covers Under Rs. 600

1. Amozo Soft Silicone with Anti Dust Plugs Shockproof Slim Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6 & 6S, black worth Rs. 899 after discount at just Rs. 199. Click Here to Buy

Amozo iPhone Cover

It’s a 100% original product from Amozo for iPhone 6/6S made with high quality material. It gives best handling after installation of this cover and it is easy to install & remove. It comes with shock & dust proof technology.

2. Elv Ultimate Protection Slim Scratch/ Dust Proof Transparent Back Case with Shock Absorbing Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6 4.7-inch – Grey worth Rs. 1260 after discount at just Rs. 349. Click Here to Buy

Elv Ultimate Protection iPhone Cover

iPhone 6/ 6S cover for those who love transparent back cover so real back of your iPhone can visible to others. It’s an anti-scratch protection to your iPhone. After installation of this cover handling is good and feel in hand is also great.

3. Egotude® Gradient Soft Silicone Transparent Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6/ 6S Blue worth Rs. 799 after discount at just Rs. 349. Click Here to Buy

Gradient Soft Silicone iPhone Cover

It’s a semi-type of a iPhone cover in blue theme with great grip and anti-slip technology. It gives good feel while holding in hands. Cover quality is good and good compatible with iPhone 6 (4.7-inch). Material of this cover is Silicone.

4. Enflamo Soft Silicone Slim Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6/ 6S – Dark Navy Blue worth Rs. 799 after discount at just Rs. 284. Click Here to Buy

Enflamo Soft Silicone Slim iPhone 6/ 6S Cover

It’s an ultra slim stylish soft back cover for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7-inch) with premium logo hole which gives stylish look. Handling of phone after installation of this cover is so comfortable and easy.

5. Golden Sand 4.7-inch TPU Phone Rugged Armor Case for Apple iPhone 6S/ 6 (Metallic Blue) worth Rs. 1199 after discount at just Rs. 549. Click Here to Buy

Golden Sand 4.7 inch Slim iPhone 6/ 6S Cover

It comes with Anti Shock corners is thin as well as impact and shock resistant. It is made up of eco-friendly materials. It has unique look featuring smooth silk brushed texture, glossy accents and carbon fibre texture.

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