iOS 12: The New Features, Preview & Improvements Done By Apple

Well no doubt apple phones are the worlds best phones to use with an amazing operating system and with this operating system gets even more better.

iOS 12 is designed in such an amazing way that it will make your iPhone and iPad experience even more delightful. It is faster, more responsive and much more smoother to use as compared to the earlier versions.

What’s New in iOS 12 for You?

iOS 12

Here’re The New Features that iOS 12 Brings with It:-

Well with the new iOS, you will be having an enhanced experience overall whether you are using iPhone or ipad. The overall speed of iPhone and iPad will increase once the iOS 12 is installed into it. Be it typing, launching camera, browsing etc. will happen faster than ever before.

We often face issues when we are doing a lot with our apple devices but with the new iOS 12 there will be better experience while doing a lot on your device. All the supporting devices will be a better performer once the iOS 12 is installed into them.

Compatible Devices for iOS 12 – Apple


  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 series
  • iPhone 7 series
  • iPhone 6S series
  • iPhone 6 series
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5S


  • iPad Pro series
  • iPad Air series
  • 6th iPad
  • 5th iPad
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2

iPod touch

  • 6th iPod touch

We’ve covered all the compatible apple devices on those you can run iOS 12. If your device is not covered in the above list, you can’t run iOS 12 OS on your system.

Key Features iOS 12: More Power to You

Face time with more than 1 person at the same time-
iOS 12 is super-cool. It aids the facility of facetiming uptil 32 people at the same time. The person speaking will be emphasized as it will get bigger while the facetiming so that you do not lose track of the conversation. On top of that you can start the group face time directly from a group thread in messages or join an active one at any time.

Stronger level of privacy when being online is a mandatory thing which all of us do these days be it using social media only but we are all online in some or the other way be it surfing on the web, shopping online or anything being digital involves going online. Being online is good but having full safety over-there so as to no one would be able to access your data and get into your phone is the ultimate level of safety one WANTS.

With iOS 12 Safari will block Facebook share and comment buttons to limit how Facebook tracks users around the web and advertises to them. Safari will make sure that less information is provided to the ad networks so that it is hard for the advertisers to follow you around the web and show you ads as per your demands.

  1. Screen Timers- with iOS 12 comes a new feature by which you can keep a track of how much time you spend with your device, it will also help parents to keep a track of how much the kids are using the phone, it even helps you set timers.
  2. Apple Books- the iBook is redesigned in a better manner and and it is renamed as apple books.
  3. Memoji- well with the new iOS 12 the users can now customize and create their own custom Animoji they looks like them and this Animoji can be used anywhere.
  4. Enhanced Performance- well the new iOS 12 is lot more smoother than the previous ones. The common tasks in iPhone or any other apple device will now be faster be it launching the camera, browsing, typing and an overall 40% enhancement in the launching speed of older devices.
  5. Notifications Improved- there is this new function of iOS 12 which helps displaying notifications in a better manner. With the help of grouped notifications the notifications from a single app are now displayed in a ‘’Stack” on top of each other, thereby not covering the whole screen. At the same time quiet notifications now appear only in in the notification center thereby not disturbing you with low priority items.
  6. Siri Just Got Better- well siri can now perform multi-step tasks from just a single command, either by learning a set of actions or the user can just create the tasks using the new shortcut app.
  7. Hey Do Not Disturb Me- well with this amazing new feature of iOS 12 you can just sleep and with this feature your phone wont be ringing unless you want to, moreover you can even set reminders for meeting and all.

iOS 12 Release Date

Well, for now Apple hasn’t announced about the releasing dates of iOS 12. When we’ll have the updates for the same we’ll update here very soon. Likely it will be the month of September, this new OS version will be rolled out for new iPhone devices.

Well I hope you found this article updateful and helpful. If you have any updates about the new iOS 12 feel free to inbox me too with your knowledge just like I did with this piece of writing. We always look forward to inputs from the side of our readers.

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