How to Use V Wash? Benefits of Intimate Wash (Guide)

Women’s intimate cleanliness is a major priority for her, as keeping it clean makes them feel fresh the whole day and also minimizes the chances of any sort of infection. VWash is one such personal care product that is vastly used by women across the world as an intimate wash. It has the composition of tea tree oil with sea buckthorn oil and Lactic acid. It helps maintain the desired pH level and freshness throughout the day.

How To Use V Wash
How to Use VWash

How to Use V Wash for Intimate Hygiene

The application of this product is pretty easy and quick! All you need to do is pour out a few drops of VWash plus Intimate Hygiene wash and then very carefully massage it on the external area of your Vagina, Rinse with water thoroughly and feel fresh for the whole day! The best part is that this product can be used even during periods.

V-Wash Has A Range of Products Including

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Is it safe to use VWash daily?

Yes, it is fine and won’t cause any trouble so one can use daily to keep their intimate hygiene perfect and up to the mark.

How many times should we use VWash in a day?

VWash should be used only once a day while taking bath. Excessive use might not be the best way to seek good results and could also be problematic.

Does VWash have side effects?

VWash is one great intimate Hygiene personal care product but with excessive use or due to certain skin problems, the following side effects might occur. If you face any such issue please consult a doctor and stop the usage immediately.

  • Dry skin
  • Excessive heat in the area
  • Allergic reaction
  • Itching

Why Intimate Wash?

Intimate wash helps women to prevent odor and irritation. It also helps to maintain the right pH levels and freshness all day.

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  1. V wash is seriously a very good product. It helps to relieve any kind of irritation and it is easy to use. It’s working all day. It’s best to use during the menstrual period too.


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