[How to Shop Genuine] Online Portals Harsh Reality (20% Fake Products)

Shop online and save your time, energy, money and avail great discounts. If I come to tell you the benefits of online shopping there are quite a few which will be enough to lure you into going online and shopping but there is this one drawback of online shopping which is probably the most important part of the product “its originality”.

How to Shop Reliable Fake Products Alert

As per the survey conducted by LocalCircles:

  • Almost 20% of the products sold on e-commerce websites are counterfeit
  • Most likely perfumes and cosmetics are in the radar for being counterfeit

In this survey, 30000 respondents participated and they were questioned on the various aspects of their online shopping experience. (Especially if they have ever encountered fake goods). Around 6000 responded to a yes they have been delivered fake products. As per Times of India, there is a group of people who could not even figure out if their product was real or fake.

When the participants were asked that which e-commerce website sells the fake products the response was like this:

  • 37%: Snapdeal
  • 22%: Flipkart
  • 21%: Paytm Mall
  • 20%: Amazon

As per the survey perfumes and cosmetics have the major chance of being counterfeit (35% of the people believe that). Sports products are fake uptil 22% of people think and 8% thinks that bags brought online are fake and lack the quality of the original brand.

The e-commerce merchants sell through e-commerce websites, they use the platform as their shop and present the customers with different products they have to offer. To sell through these websites all you gotta do is register yourself and pay their fees (subscribe to different selling plans) and eventually once you are approved and subscribed be out there to make a sale. It is an easy process and some malpractitioners want to take advantage of the situation as the customers don’t get to check the product before paying for it. As long as the customer is willing to pay these malpractioiners would love making fool of the customers.

To tackle situations like these e-commerce websites have come with ideas of refunding and exchanging but still, it affects the integrity of the website and indeed that is bad. When contacted about the survey all the four e-commerce companies said that they have built strict policies to stop the sale of counterfeit products and have taken up refunding and exchanging. Harsh steps like blocking the fake products seller have been taken up as well.

For the entire e-commerce website, fake product is one hard on the challenge to face and they are still working really hard to completely curb their sale. but folks it will be a while when these big shots e-commerce companies sell all original products so when you shop online make sure you buy from the best-trusted sellers only and not just from any random seller.

Steps to Shop Genuine Online:

  1. Always compare products on other e-commerce websites
  2. Read random reviews of people those who have experienced before
  3. Compare the price difference between other websites to know to check the reliability of a product
  4. When we decide to shop online we generally figure out the price of that product (approx..) but when we get the same product at a maximum discount then the question arises that is it genuine or not so be aware of the product reliability.
  5. At CouponMaal we always post genuine products after checking the reliability and reviews.

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