How to Maintain Your Hair at Home with Natural and Home Remedies


Well who doesn’t want their hair to complement their face all the time. Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your face so that they both complement each other all the time. Well you wouldn’t get long hair like Rapunzel but yet a good voluminous shiny hair is something which each one of us deserve.

Whenever we go to a hair salon they offer us many products which would help us in ways that only the parlor people understand yet we end up buying those high end expensive products. No doubt they are good but what if I tell you that you can achieve that good hair-day with some natural and home remedies which wouldn’t cost much but will definitely help you look gorgeous with beautiful hair.

4 Tips to Care Your Hair

So before going to that party on the weekend why not invest some time into your hair. Here I will tell you few hair care tips (home care and natural remedies) which you can follow to have beautiful hair.

Following Tips Will Help You-

1. Hair Massage

Well a hair massage with oil is something which is one sure short for smooth hair condition. With regular oiling 2 hours before you go for shampoo is the oldest homely tradition which you should follow. The best way to apply oil is from the scalp to tip. And when the massaging is done with hot oil the benefits just enhance. Well different oils have different benefits so why not mix all the good benefits and enjoy them all in your head at the same time.

Apply 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil, 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil, 1 teaspoon of Almond Oil, 1 teaspoon of Coconut Oil and half a teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil. Mix them all heat them up till a level and apply them. Wash up with your hair suitable shampoo and then condition them.

2. Comb Your Hair Regularly

Combing your hair daily twice is something very basic but extremely necessary as it improves. The blood circulation all over the scalp which thereby makes sure good hair growth and right amount of oil production with good shiny hair. And moreover who knows your hair better then you, you know exactly how much pressure is required to comb it the best thereby making it look more and more flowy and pretty. Moreover use a good Quality Comb to brush your hair so as to prevent hair break.

3. Hair Wash

We shower everyday so that to have a clean body, the same logic goes behind our hair if you wanna have perfect hair you need to wash them on a consistent basis and not just leave them dirty. If you have oily hair you gotta wash them on almost a daily basis in order to remove extra oil and dirt, if you have dry hair you should shampoo with a gap of 2 days. Usage of Mild Shampoo is suggested, you can even wash your hair using a beer as it removes all the sediment foundation on our scalp. And one big no no is to use hot water to wash your hair as it causes extreme damage to the delicate hair tissue. Shampoo helps your hair look much more beautiful and shiny.

4. Where Is My Conditioner

Well oiling and shampooing are the basic necessities your hair demand but conditioning is the extra edge of love that your hair deserves. It is a very important step when hair care is concerned. The after shampoo conditioning is necessary for both dry and oily hair people. You can apply the following home made masks for conditioning your hair.

A mixture of olive oil, egg, banana and honey when blended together can be used as a conditioner and when left for an hour it will work wonders for you. You can even apply yogurt as a conditioner.

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Other than all of these home remedies, haircut should be taken in order to avoid split ends, if not haircut then you can get it trimmed at least every two months so as to avoid having split ends. Well that’s all I got if you feel you know any more home remedies to have that gorgeous hairdo write them in the comment section. I will be looking forward to it.


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