How to Get FREE AirPods with MacBook and iPad

Get FREE Airpods with Macbook and iPad
Apple Offer: Get FREE Airpods When You Purchase MacBook and iPad


• Especially for college kids Apple has launched an offer named Back-To-School in India

• Apple is giving free Airpods on bought of eligible Ipad or Mac by Students

• on purchase of Eligible IPad or Mac Apple offering free Airpods to Students

Apple has expanded its Back-to-School discount programme to India, around a month after it had been launched within the US. The Back-to-School offer brings freebies straight from Apple once you buy eligible Apple products from the Apple Store. Since Apple now added its own web store, customers in India who attend school, their parents, and teachers who are registered at institutions can get benefits from this offer. And the best benefit is to get a free Airpod with Macbook under this offer.

The Back-to-School offer may be a limited period offer, so it’s better to make a decision quickly before the offer ends. Also, Apple India announced that Customers can add those education-related offers to upper education offers which are already going on for College students and teachers in India.

Students who owned any model of iPad Pro, iPad Air, A MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro, an iMac and a Mac mini will get second-generation AirPods for free of charge, This Model of AirPod comes with wireless charging so if any of you students or parents or teachers wish to upgrade it then you can upgrade it to AirPod with wireless charging in the cheap rate of Rs.400 and to upgrade to AirPod pro you have to pay Rs 10,000, the original cost of these AirPod moves around Rs14000 to Rs, 24,000 which is pretty much expensive although not for them who admires Quality.

Buy MacBook Air & Get FREE Airpods

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And not to forget to tell you that with this free AirPod you can also unlock good discount on certain products by Apple. At a discount Students can buy MacBook also they can get the benefit of AppleCare at a 20% Discount, additionally, students can get a subscription to Apple TV along with Apple music at a price of Rs.49 per month and obtain an Apple Arcade subscription free for up to three months. There is an academic discount on the Apple Pencil and Keyboard, as well, for students.

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To be ready to get Apple’s Back to high school discounts, you’ll need to prove that you simply are a student at a registered school or institution in India. Apple will verify that through UNiDAYS which will ask you for your details once you enrol for the offer. You will need to furnish details like your student ID number and faculty address on the verification portal.

After UNiDAYS’s corroboration authentication, Apple will make your account authorized for discounts under the high school offers, so as that you are going to buy your favourite iPad or Mac and get a pair of AirPods for free of charge.

Apple Offer for College Students and Teachers

Image source: Apple

Keep in mind that Apple’s Back to high school offer is out there for students who are studying currently or have just taken admission to a faculty or a university. Parents also can enrol themselves if they buy eligible Apple products for his or her eligible children, also as teachers and staff in the least levels performing at eligible schools or colleges. And at last, you can get free Airpod with MacBook at any apple store in India in instant through an online website or by visiting physically.

Note: Please do note that this Back to School is only available for current or newly joined College, School or university students, parents who are buying for them, also those who are Teachers or Staff who are related to the university, School and College at any level can get Free AirPod with Macbook or with iPad. Anyone can find this special offer for AirPod on the special education section of the Apple Store Online website.

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