How to Download Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone 2023

Instagram the photo-sharing app powered by Facebook, it is very popular among people especially among the young generation, to share their lifestyle and talent with the help of many means like photos, and as they say “photo says thousands of words.

But there is a slight inconvenience for people that they can download Instagram reels neither from android mobile, nor from iPhone, but there is some relief for users that you can save reels in your account for offline viewing but for complete freedom you can find the app to download Instagram reels on android by other means, although that’s a lot of pain to find such app which can download these reel videos.

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How to Download Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone
how to download Instagram reels

Instagram recently announced that they are going to increase video recording time up to 60 seconds from 30 seconds and that’s fact that the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri had announced way before that the platform Instagram will cease to be just a photo-sharing app and going to forward and transform to the place where people go “to be entertained” most likely this was the rough hint toward the possibility of changes in the instant, hence they transformed accordingly.

To make your day, we are introducing this article on the Instagram reel and how to download the Instagram reel on android.

Following are the steps to create Instagram reels on your android mobile:

Step 1: Open official Instagram

Step 2: Click on the bottom right icon of the profile

Step 3: On the profile tab, you can see create new icon on the left side of the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) menu which is located at the top right

Step 4: After opening create new tab you will be able to see the second option as a reel

Step 5: And after clicking on it you will be able to film or choose your reel video as you like with many editing options.

After the august month three was still craze about TikTok which resulting in reel video option was introduced by Instagram which was concluded good option to replace TikTok, Additionally when first time reel was introduced there were so limited function thus there was need of improvement which was acknowledged by Instagram company and they extended video time period from 15 seconds to 60 seconds with many creative effects.

Why do people have a craze about Instagram reel to Skyrocket its popularity?

You know that most people like Instagram and use it in many different formats like “Instagram lite”, Instagram online browser, but do you know after the launch of the Instagram reel the app download went up by not less than 11.4 % only in India and average time spent on the app was also skyrocket by 3.5% increase, and I am sure that this must be the result of fact that TikTok users or fans were looking for the legal alternative with same features and good popularity.

And thanks to the services and features provided by Instagram it results in a successful alternative app.

How to Save Instagram Reels in the Official App
How to save Instagram reels in the official app

Now before finding out how we can download the Instagram reel on android let’s know the steps which are required to save the Instagram reel on the official app.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile go to reel video which you wanted to download

Step 2: Tap on the three-dot icon below the paper plane icon in the bottom left

Step 3: Click on save you can now head to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the bottom right

Step 4: Click on the hamburger icon on the top Tap settings and then select an account

Step 5: You’ll see the saved option, in this section, you will be able to see all your saved posts and reels for offline purposes

Now that we have looked at how to create and how to save reels on official Instagram then let’s check out how to download Instagram reel videos using other websites and apps.

How to download Instagram reels on android using these 7 apps, websites, and simple methods?

With the info that we have gone through surely, you have noticed that you can’t download any reel video nor any other content in your mobile from other people accounts thus if you wish to download them on your mobile then you must check all the apps until the end to understand every possible way.

Thus, without wasting more time let’s start with our first website or app from which you can download Instagram reel on android, desktop/ laptop, and iPhone.

1. Reel downloader

download Instagram reel on android mobile

Reels Downloader Helps To Download Instagram Reels On Your Device
Download Instagram Reels with Reels Downloader

If you want to download those reel videos easily then this might be the best app you can look for also you can say one of the most secure apps androids has a host of apps that lets users download Instagram reels on their smartphones and android mobile phones.

No matter how you look at this but most of the apps which are also available on the Google Play Store may ask for suspicious permissions or even Instagram credentials, which is a little risky don’t you think.

The Reel Downloader app is maybe one of the best apps you can have, it has more than 5 lakhs downloads and more than 4.5 stars ratings. But for security or reliability reasons we have tested it on Xiaomi Mi 10I and it was working quite well as specified.

Following are the steps that you should follow to download your reel videos from Reel Downloader:

Step 1: Go to the play store and download the Reel Downloader

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the app just open Instagram

Step 3: Click on the desired reel video that you want to download

Step 4: Now tap three dots icon below the paper plane icon in the bottom left of your screen

Step 5: Click on the copy link to copy it on a clipboard

Step 6: Now visit the Reels Downloader app

Step 7: And then you have to paste the link of the reel that you have copied and click on the download

Step 8: The reel video will be available in your mobile storage to share or ready to post somewhere else

By following the above steps, you can download videos in no time but let’s have a good look at other apps, websites, and methods also to choose the best one among these for you

2. InsTake

InsTake for iPhone to download reel

InsTake: Instagram Reels Downloader
iPhone users can download Instagram reels using InsTake – for Instagram

InsTake this is the app for iPhone users so they can download their favorite reels for free it also helps to download the media from Instagram, thus it has more than 4.7 stars made up from 4500+ reviews which are surely lot by following the steps which I have given below

Step 1: Now head to the app store and download InsTake – for the Instagram app

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, open the Instagram app

Step 3: Go to the desired reels video which you wanted to download

Step 4: Tap on the three-dot icon on the bottom left below the paper plane icon

Step 5: It’s time to click on the copy link to copy the url

Step 6: Now close the Instagram app and open the InsTake app

Step 7: Paste the url in the download box

Step 8: Click on the download to download the reel video

That’s how you can download the reel videos from Instagram on the iPhone.

Now let’s look at the next app that is going to help us to download the reel videos.

3. Inflact/ Ingrammer

Inflact Instagram Reels Downloader
Inflact helps to download Instagram reels with ease from any profile

This is another platform that is one of the most popular among its users who loved to download, it enables users to download media content on Instagram including the feed posts, videos, and others like a reel of course.

It also offers premium membership by subscribing to it you will be able to download the whole profile content of a person in an instant.

Just be sure to follow all the steps which are mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and login into it properly

Step 2: Now find the reel video which you wanted to download 

Step 3: Now tap the three dots which you can see on the bottom left

Step 4: Click on the copy link to copy at the clipboard

Step 5: Now let’s open inflict website

Step 6: Find and tap on the download option

Step 7: Paste the link which you have copied to the clipboard

Step 8: Search for the video

Step 9: This page will show you your desired reel

Step 10: It’s time to download the reel and download the video on the laptop or phone

4. Instadp 

Instadp is all-rounder website

Instadp Helps To Download Videos, Photos, DP and Reels
Instadp allows you to download videos, reels, photos and dp on Instagram

You want to download reels on PC, Windows, Android, iPhone, MAC no problem this website will help you to save your favorite reel.

This website does not stop only with the reel, you can also download videos, pictures, profile pictures, and stories of your family members and loved ones.

Now you are thinking about “what should I use to download my favorite TikTok creator videos” again no problem this website can download that video too.

Now going for how you can download or save video, just follow the steps as shown below 

Step 1: First of all, you need to open your Instagram on your smartphone or web browser

Step 2: Click on the video or picture you want to download

Step 3: Now look for the three dots on the upper right corner of that post, and hit the button with that several options are pop-out

Step 4: From that option, there is a “copy link” click on that option.

Step 5: Close all and open your web browser and go to the website of “Instadp 

Step 6: After loading the website scroll downward there must be an option of “Instagram reels downloader

Step 7: You have to paste the link which you copied before in the search box then hit on the search icon 

Step 8: Click on continue 

Step 9: You have to fill the captcha after completing the captcha you will get a button to “download the reels video/picture” 

Step 10: Click on that button and enjoy your reel after finishing the download


A worldwide used app that works on Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC 

iGram Helps You To Download Videos, Reels, Carousels
iGram allows you to download photos, videos, IGTV and carousels

The logo is very similar to the Instagram application with a little aurora color look, I can say it having a clean smooth interface with all kinds of downloading features. From my perspective, it is one of the best applications to download your favorite content.

Uses is similar to above-given software’s or websites still for proper information

Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded Instagram on your phone or PC and login into it

Step 2: Find out the reel which you wanted to download on your device

Step 3: You might be able to find out three dots on the upper left corner of the post and click on it

Step 4: the pop up will rise on your screen and from that, find and tap on the Copy link option

Step 5: It’s time to open “ to paste the link to the reel video

Step 6: Once you opened the app paste the copied link in the search box and click on the search

Step 7: Now click on the download button after the reel video showed up

Step 8: Options for several formats will show up from which you can choose any (Note: .mp4 is a great format for videos.)

Step 9: You can find the downloaded video in the file manager

6. InSaver for Instagram

InSaver To Download Instagram Reels
InSaver allows to download videos & reels

With the help of this app, you will be able to download the Instagram reels in your iPhone with ease without any problem thus follow the given steps and download your reel videos for free on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the app store and download the Insaver

Step 2: Once it is downloaded open it and do all the settings

Step 3: After setting the app properly it’s time to go to the Instagram

Step 4: Select the Instagram reel which you want to download and open it

Step 5: Click on the three dots and click on the Copy link

Step 6: Open Insaver for Instagram App and paste the link 

Step 7: Tap to watch it and tap on options

Step 8: Find the save video option and tap on it to save the short video to the photo app

And the last is a method for those who are not interested in downloading any third-party app on their mobile or iPhone

7. Screen Recording

Use Screen Recording Feature in iPhone to Record Instagram Reels
Screen recorder iPhone

Screen recording is the ideal method for those who don’t want to download any third-party app. You can just record and save it without any trouble. On iPhone make sure to add the screen recording is added to the control center which lets you have quick access to the screen recording option.

Step 1: Go to the setting in your iPhone and find the control center

Step 2: And click on it to customize the control center and add a screen recording option

Step 3: Now, try to swipe upward from the bottom of the mobile phone to reveal the control center

Step 4: And tap to start recording

Step 5: Just open Instagram and find your favorite reel video

Step 6: Watch it until the end to record a full reel video

And that’s how you have recorded your favorite Instagram video without that much of a problem. For android mobile, You can either use the built-in screen recording option which is quite good, or else you have to download any third-party screen recording app.

But before you use, any of these methods to download the Instagram reel have a look at some of the faq questions which are often asked by people to be safe from any trouble.

FAQ Questions About Instagram and Instagram Reel

So many of you already have known how to download reels and also used them in past but how it can be illegal

Yes, it can be illegal or legal depending on your use of that downloaded video.

If you are using downloaded reel only for your entertainment purpose or to save data from re-watching that video online, then it is legal and it doesn’t cause you any trouble.

But if you are using that downloaded reel to publish it for making money, then it is illegal and causes you trouble.

By copyright act 1976. 

How to download the Instagram reel from a private account?

If you are not following the account of the owner of the reel videos or any content then It’s not possible to download from the private account but if you are following that account whether it is private.

What is the max video size of Instagram reels that can be used?

Instagram has a function that enables it to compress any video which size is more than 4Gb which could make them look bluer.

Now that is how you can download the Instagram reel videos on android without that much effort which lets you see them when you are offline.

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