How to Activate Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10

Lots of apps usually present in Windows 10 which try to away your attention from focus work. It’s a message slides in the shape of rectangle which shows you at the lower right of the home screen. Well these rectangle notification boxes usually disappear automatically after some seconds. If these notification alerts are distracting you from your focus work then you can stop them using some techniques. Here in this post we will tell you about how to activate do not disturb mode in Windows 10. Disturbing things such as email alerts, Facebook messages, few events and many more. It’s very simple to off that notification feature. After that you can anytime on that feature in your Windows. In this post, we’ll give some ideas about how to activate do not disturb mode in Windows 10. Check the below steps.

How to Activate Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10?

activate do not disturb mode

You can also set this time in which you will not get any notification from Windows 10 notification feature like example. You could adjust your off notification time like from 2PM to 7AM. So you would not disturbed by notification feature of Windows 10. Check how to activate windows 10 do not disturb below.

Action Center

You can do that from Action Center of Windows 10. Just right click on the “Action Center Icon” in the taskbar area. Check the below image for more guide. After that you’ll appear such options then click on “Turn on quiet hours”.

Action Center Windows 10

If you want to on alert than just click on “Turn off quiet hours” and you will get alerts of email or such type of services.

When this quiet hours on, your pc doesn’t give you notifications about anything.

Windows 10

Alternatively, when this quiet hours off, your pc does give you notifications about everything.

We hope this article will help you to get your settings for quiet hours.

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