Get Free Bitcoin from CoinSwitch Worth Rs. 50 & Referral Rs. 50 EXTRA

The users can access the pooled liquidity of the leading exchanges in India which is also called cryptocurrency to get the best rate and trade instantaneously. CoinSwitch Kuber is the best crypto trading platform and their user interface Streamlines cryptocurrency trading and allows users to trade over 400+ cryptocurrencies, along with an ability to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card at the best price to benefit Customers.

CoinSwitch referral link

Get FREE Bitcoin with CoinSwitch

Steps To Get Free Bitcoin from CoinSwitch

Step 1. Download CoinSwith App

Step 2. Complete OTP verification with your mobile no.

Step 3. Choose and set your 4 digit pin

Step 4. Enter the CoinSwitch referral code/ promo code: H7Jr

Step 5. Go to user verification, you have to find and tap on the settings from the dashboard

Step 6. And hurry you have to complete all the processes within 15-20 minutes listed below

Enter your valid name, Email, and correct DOB

Capture and upload pictures of the rear and front sides of the PAN card.

The great selfie will also capture the rear and front side of Your Aadhar Card

Step 7. After completion of the Process, you will get free bitcoin from CoinSwitch worth Rs.50 in your account.

Step 8. Tap and go to the CoinSwitch refer & earn tab and share your referral link with your family and friends. Anyone with unregistered no. who joins using your link will get you assured benefits in the form of a scratch card worth Rs.50 to get free bitcoin from CoinSwitch

Step 9. After the unlocked scratch card, you can sell or transfer your Rs.50 worth of Bitcoin and get it directly into your bank account

Step 10. Do remember you can only refer 10 people to CoinSwitch in 48 hours for free bitcoin from CoinSwitch

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  • Every successfully verified user of CoinSwith Kuber app is qualified for this referral reward program
  • By referring their friends and family members each user can get a reward with their link
  • Referrer can get a scratch card worth Rs.50 on every successful referral
  • After completion of KYC by the referee the referral amount is credited at the prevailing rate in the bitcoin form
  • After completion of KYC by the referee the scratch card will get unlocked
  • The referrer should complete their KYC if they want to receive a referral amount
  • CoinSwith Kuber reserves the right to end this program with immediate effect and also changing terms and conditions of this referral scheme including the right to end it without prior notice
  • Also, CoinSwitch Kuber serves right to disqualify any person/persons/institutions who seem unfit to get free bitcoin from coin switch under this Scheme
  • CoinSwith is not bound to no legal clauses to honor any/all use of referral amount
  • CoinSwith Kuber’s pronouncement will be final in any or all cases of dispute

CoinSwitch Kuber Referral Offer FAQs:

What is the CoinSwitch Referral Program?

This is one of the most loved referral programs of our users where with a successful referral they can get a chance to win BTC value of Rs.50 by sharing this referral code to your customers, friends, and families anyone can get a similar type of rewards it means you or anyone can join this program to get the benefit of this offer

How does the referral work?

Suppose someone from your friends, family downloaded the app and also completed their KYC process with your referral code then both of you will earn free bitcoin from CoinSwitch of Rs.50

What is the eligibility to get a CoinSwitch referral?

After registering successfully any user of CoinSwith Kuber is eligible to win the reward with our referral program but there are few things you should know before clamming it:

1. The user or the one who is downloading and registering himself should use your referral code

2. That person should complete KYC so you can also get the benefits of it

3. Last but not least the referee have to download the app before the expiry of your referral code

Why has my referral amount not been credited?

If you click on the gift icon which is located at the bottom of the navigation bar you will see the list of rewards for which you are eligible to get free bitcoin from CoinSwitch

There must be a Scratch card waiting for you so you can claim your prize if you are a referee completed the process and if there is no scratch card or any rewards then you can crosscheck to see the referee has completed verification or not

You can rise the ticket for the same if your referee has completed all processes for KYC to get free bitcoin from CoinSwitch

How can I know how many referees have used my referral link and have signed up successfully?

In your account of CoinSwitch Kuber, you will receive one scratch card for one referee in the gift section by which you can know how many successful referrals you had to collect free bitcoin from CoinSwitch

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