How to do Facial At Home Step by Step Easy Guide

Well every lady wants to get pampered at an expensive spa by highly trained beauticians every weekend or at least twice a month. A facial is a great way to get pampered and also a great way to take care of your skin.

A facial is a plethora of skin care treatments for the face including steam, exfoliation, extraction, lotions, scrubs facial masks and massage.

Facials are basically a spa or salon job, but what if we tell you that you can get it done at home too by just following these easy steps at wonderful and affordable price. (SAVE TIME AND MONEY)

How to do facial at home step by step easy guide

how to do facial at home

Step 1: Cleanse (Hand & Face)

To do your facial by yourself you need to have cleansed hands. As your hand will be used throughout the process wash them using warm water with a simple anti bacterial soap like dettol.

Now we move onto cleansing your face thoroughly you can either use natural ingredients like milk or you can go for a gentle and deep cleanser like the cleanser from the Oriflame Love Natural Facial Kit (Tropical Fruits).

Use cotton balls to gently wipe off the dirt from your skin in gentle circular motions (Using gentle strokes around your eyes).

Step 2: Exfoliate

The second major step in facial is exfoliation. The gentle fruit scrub from oriflame love nature facial kit can be used for exfoliation thereby removing dead skin, preventing wrinkles and fine lines and reducing pores.

Spread the exflouor on your hands and massage in circular motions. You don’t need to put a lot of pressure but a gentle pressure is fine (Avoid around eyes)

Step 3: Steam

Fill hot water in a pot and add drops of rosemary oil and stand with your face above the steaming water continue for 10-15 minutes (Avoid in case of sensitive skin)

Step 4: Mask

Applying mask is the fourth step as through it you take off all the left impurities and dead cell. The facial mask should suit your skin. The mask should be left for 15 minutes until it dry and then it should be pealed off.

The love nature facial kit’s face mask should be used as with the nourishing and hydrating papaya, guarana and pineapple it helps to restore the natural softness and radiance of your skin.

Step 5: Moisturise

To maintain the rejuvenated skin use the oriflame moisturiser from the love nature facial kit. Apply it in circular motion with minimal efforts and enjoy the beautiful radiant look.

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