Top List of Best Watch Brands In India


Watches are watches. No accessory can beat the beauty that a watch adds to your personality. Keeping a track of your time is one thing all we want to do and having a watch on your wrist to do that is one good possession to have. All we know that small accessories like watches add more beauty to our outfit without them it is incomplete. So for that here’s the list of best watch brands in India through which you can have your answer for your best watch. Watches define your class in a very different and elegant way. Watches have their own fashion statement and they add on to your outfit no matter what you are wearing, the addition of a watch is always a good idea.

Many of us love to wear analog watches as compared to digital watches. So for those people who love to wear analog watches and want to give the touch to outfit. We have the best watch brands list below the end of this post you can have your answer to your best watch brands in India. There are a variety of watches today in the market from simple analog watches to the watch with the latest technologies. In it which would a lot more many things other than telling you the time.

Best Watch Brands in India

Best Watch Brands in India
Top List of Best Watch Brands in India

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Well, it’s not about time as there are lot many gadgets. These days which would tell you the time, a watch has its own aroma, its own significance that none of the other things can match. Having a watch on your wrist is a sign of how serious you are about your life and how you wanna have control over it. Watch is one thing which completes your look for the day!

People love to wear watches according to occasions. So they prefer buying different watches for different occasions. Hence, we’ve listed the best watch brands list with some handpicked watches which will help you to choose the best one.

A watch is something people want to invest their money into and which is not a random thing! It is an important accessory so why not to invest your money in the right place. So here we are with the list of best watch brands in India for which you can go for and thereby invest your money in the right kind of watch.

Best Watch Brands List Available in India

  1. Titan
  2. TIMEX
  5. Daniel Klein
  6. Fastrack
  7. Casio
  8. Maxima
  9. Hugo Boss
  10. Guess

So here’re the top best watch brands name in India those who have the variety of watches in their nutshell.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India

1. Titan

Titan Watches

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Well as far as a watch brand concerned, Titan is amongst the brands which outstand all the other watch brands in India. This is a brand so well known that it is famous from the grandparents till the present generation. Titan has come out in different categories as well as in Fastrack, Sonata etc. Titan is one of the most loved brands in India. It is a joint venture between Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and TATA.

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Titan has a variety to offer, it is your choice and your pick of the budget and titan will have a lot to offer even with so many constraints. It provides from the watches with a very cheap price to a reasonable price to the most expensive watches in the market at the same time. It is you who have to make the choice. Titan has a special range of classic, elegant watches for women in the form of Titan Raga and at the same time has tough watches for men. To be the precise name it and Titan has the best product for you!


TIMEX Watches

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TIMEX USA started in the year of 1954 and has been world famous since then. It is a premium quality watch which can be possessed at very reasonable prices. One of the reasons that it is so loved in India is that it comes with great quality and at very reasonable prices. Some of the collections liked by people are expedition and quartz.




Isn’t the name says for itself? Well, the brand speaks for itself. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the loved brands in India. It has amazing clothes to offer and to complement those amazing clothes are the classy watches that it has to offer. The watches of this brand are quite worn and come in all shapes and colors from bold to subtle, from metallic to rubber. It has a lot to offer for people of different choices! Buy This TOMMY HILFIGER watch at Amazon.


FOSSIL Watches

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Fossil is one of the popular watch brands in India or rather I would say one of the best. It has wonderfully designed watches which look very attractive on a hand of a person. The designs of these watches make them noticeable and add an elegant touch to anyone’s entire getup. Fossil Q Wearables, Dean and Decker are some of the best collections of FOSSIL. So if you are looking for beautifully crafted watches fossil is the right spot for you to shop. Buy This FOSSIL watch at Amazon.

5. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein Watches

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No doubt that Daniel Klein is one of the best watch brands in India to shop for good looking watches. These watches are according to latest stylish trend and make you stand out in the crowd. The watches come with such elegance in them that they complement all your looks. So ladies go shop for a Daniel Klein watch and be the lady everyone is attracted to!

6. Fastrack

Fastrack Watches

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Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan and launched in 2008 in India targeting the youth of the nation! With time this brand has established itself amongst all people and liked by everyone because of its funky designs and reasonable prices. It comes for both men and women with a variety of option thereby it is a hit watch brand in India liked and appreciated by all. Buy This Fastrack watch at Amazon.

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7. Casio

Casio Watches

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Casio is a popular brand between youth for watches. It has many other product lines such as the scientific calculator, laptops, mobile phones and more. Casio is a Japanese company with the full name of Casio Computer Co., Ltd. which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. They sound well when we talk about watches and digital electronic products. Casio has many popular watch series such as G-Shock, Vintage series and Casio Edifice. Buy This Casio Watch at Amazon.

8. Maxima

Maxima Watches

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Maxima is one another brand of watch in India which is famous for it is quite affordable. They come at really good prices and have great quality at the same time. They have a good collection to offer for both men and women. It has their unique couple collection watch which makes it a good gifting watch. It is famous for both its pricing and quality at the same time and is definitely one of the best brands in India. Buy This Maxima watch at Amazon.


Hugo Boss Watches

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Hugo Boss is one of the major German fashion company. After World War II Hugo Boss started focusing on creating uniforms but later it evolved into a lifestyle brand which even created classic watches. They have good watches and they even do fast and free shipping. They come in different categories like sports watches, basic watches, airport watches, dress watches, chronographs and you name it and you will have your pick! Buy This Hugo Boss watch at Amazon.


GUESS Watches

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Well, if you are a fashion freak and if you feel you can and you want to spend a lot of money on accessories and wanna make sure that you always own the best of them then Guess would be the right choice of watch for you. Guess is quite well known for its expensive and stylish watches. Its watches are uniquely crafted and are of really high quality. There are people who would buy guess watches just because of the uniqueness and quality it brings on the table with the pinch of class and elegance. People buy it only because they can and they want to show off amongst others, that they have such a huge class brand. Buy This GUESS watch at Amazon.

So these were the best watch brands in India, which you can go for in case you are planning to buy a watch!

If you think that we’ve missed any best watch brand please mention in the comment section below and we’ll update your brand in this article.

We hope that this article helped you make the right selection of the watch.


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