Apple’s First Foldable iPhone Will Support Stylus?

Well, Apple has already prepared for the first foldable iPhone which may get launched in 2023 but will it get the stylus support? Maybe, according to some recent reports, the first foldable iPhone may support the stylus. As recently published reports from EqualOcean claimed that Apple’s first foldable iPhone will get stylus support. Previously Apple’s first foldable iPhone was expected to launch in the next year but now according to the new claim from the recent report of EqualOcean where the picture itself talks about the launch of foldable iPhone has been pushed to the year 2023.

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Apple’s First Foldable iPhone

First Foldable iPhone Specs?

If the first foldable iPhone is going to be launched in 2023, what’s next? Then according to some leaks from Chinese firms we can expect that it will get a 7.3 or 7.6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 22:9, well nothing is official from Apple so we have to wait for official announcements.

It’s also possible that we may see an iPhone which can be identical to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 design in the context of foldability. Please wait for the official announcement to come from Apple for better clarity on Apple’s first foldable iPhone.

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