How to Analyze Your Twitter Followers, Men or Women?

Alternate ways to get demographics of your Twitter followers that how many of your Twitter followers are men or women or random colored eggs by Twitter default photo. Also to know that how many of them are Twitter bots who have default avatars on their profiles. These types of details can be saved in a Google Spreadsheet.

Did you ever know that you can also know about your Twitter follower’s demographics on the basis of their Gender via their profile pictures if your answer is not? Check out whole article and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Facebook Insights vs Twitter Followers Insights

You can get demographics of those people who are friends of yours easily however it’s not available in Twitter for their users easily. The Graph Search of Facebook can give deep insights into the demographics of people who’re related with you on the social network. Check your follower’s demographics below steps.

Facebook Insights

How to Determine Demographics of Your Followers? Males, Females or Eggs

This is one of the working ways to know about your Twitter followers by programmatically. Check how you can all do that below.

When come to talking about Twitter API, lots of people confused on that topic that what’s this? This is the way to interact with Twitter’s data such tweets & several attributes about tweets by using Twitter APIs. By using it you’d need to get information about server side scripting language like php python or ruby to create requests to twitter api & results would be in JSON format that can be easily read by your program.


Twitter API isn’t work for getting information about followers gender but it can give clues for that. You can get the profile pic of a Twitter user & feed it into Siftr’s Vision API and this all will detect the gender of the most prominent face in the photograph. You can also do that further and use Microsoft’s Face API and it will even get you information about approximate age of the subject which is present in the photo of Twitter profile.

How to Analyze Your Twitter Followers

Analyze your Twitter followers using Twitter Analyzer this is the web app which allows you to Analyze your Twitter network such as friends or followers and logs the details of all the followers or users inside a Google Spreadsheet (Check Screenshot). Now you can know about their gender, about tweet schedule, location, last session on Twitter & more.

Get started click here and sign-in with your Google Account just getting permission from you because the underlying Google Script which saves everything inside a Google Spreadsheet which will be in your Google Drive. After analyzed you get an email notification.

After granting some essential permission, click “Authorize Twitter” to give the permission that sheet can access your Twitter account. Now click on Scan button and close the page. You’ll get an email once the analysis is complete which will vary on the number of followers you have in your Twitter account.


Analyze for Humans or Twitter Bots

Check out rules (click here) which can help you to detect humans or twitter bots. Using it you can also get information on Twitter accounts that which are inactive accounts, fake accounts, real users or bots. Check out some rules below.

  • Account which has written at least 50 tweets
  • Account which has at least 30 followers
  • Profile have a URL
  • Profile have an image
  • Profile have biography
  • Account which has been inserted into other Twitter lists

File (Google Spreadsheet) which is generated by the Twitter Analyzer app includes most of this information as well. What things get such as gender, location, age, contacts, fake or real, twitter bot or not & many more things which you can get from this method. If you like, don’t forget to follow on Twitter.

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