Amazon Quiz Contest, Today Answer, Winner, Prizes Feb 2018 Update

Amazon February 2018 quiz contest questions & answers. Give all the correct answers and stand a chance to win 6 month’s free shopping and other exciting prizes on Amazon app.

Amazon quiz contest is usually conducted by Amazon India for its customers and mostly are on the Amazon app. So to take benefits of them, you have to download their app from play store.

So to give the correct answers of Amazon quiz contest questions please checkout the below mentioned answers with questions. By giving the all correct answers there will be more chances of winning prizes like mobiles, free shopping vouchers, gadgets, OnePlus 5t and many more prizes.

Amazon quiz contest

20th Feb 2018 Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Today’s Answers for Maybelline

  1. Smoothie
  2. Make it happen
  3. Gigi Hadid
  4. Eyeshadow
  5. Bubble gum matte

Previous Amazon Quiz Answers-

16th Feb 2018 Amazon Quiz Questions and Answers

Amazon Quiz Today’s Answers for Honor 7x

  1. What is the interface that Honor phones use? Ans. Emotion UI
  2. Which was the first AI enabled phone to be launched in India? Ans. Honor view 10
  3. Which of these phrases is associated with brand honor? Ans. For the brave
  4. Which chipset do Honor phones use? Ans. Kirin
  5. What is Honor’s fast charging technology called? Ans. Super charge

15th Feb 2018 Amazon Quiz Questions and Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers for Samsung Galaxy A8+

  1. Which of these is NOT a features of Samsung Galaxy A8+? Ans : Teleportation
  2. What is Samsung’s virtual assistant called? Ans : Bixby
  3. What is the display on the Samsung Galaxy A8+ called? Ans.  Infinity display
  4. What safety features does the A8+ come loaded with? Ans.  Face recognition & Fingerprint
  5. The A8+ has __GB of RAM. Fill in the blanks. Ans.  6

14th Feb 2018 Updated Amazon Quiz Questions and Answers

  1. What did Alexander Fleming introduce to world on February 14th in 1929? Ans. Penicillin
  2. Which Italian city, where Romeo and Juliet lived in Shakespeare’s play, still receives about 1000 letters on Valentine’s day each year? Ans. Verona
  3. In India, National Science Day is celebrated on 28th Feb to mark the discovery of? Ans. The Raman Effect
  4. The whole month of Feb 2018 will not have a single full moon day. The last time this happened in 1999. Ans. True
  5. Which of these is a western zodiac sign associated with February? Ans. Aquarius
  6. Which term is used to refer first full moon of February? Ans. Ice moon

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