Amazon Echo Dot Review 2021: Welcome to Smart Home

Artificial Intelligence is one thing that has shooted up really well in the last decade. Human labour can be reduced drastically with the use of artificial intelligence. All you gotta do is command them and they are capable of making your life so much easier.

Amazon Echo is one great example of artificial intelligence but there is just one little problem with it that it is too expensive and too big for some people. There comes Amazon Echo Dot in picture- an amazing alternative for amazon echo just a bit smaller and at a much reasonable price.

Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Assistant: Welcome to Smart Home

Amazon Echo Dot Review

Amazon Echo Dot amazon has made sure that everyone is able to afford this artificial intelligence and make their homes a better technology equipped place to live in. It is no doubt an amazing addition to your house. It has an amazing audio output. It is one of the most cost effective way towards making your home a smart one.

It has an amazing design; it is just one and a half inch tall in height just like some chocolate cookies kept together. It is short and round and is very portable and can be easily accommodated in any room of your choice.

At an inch and a half in height, the Dot is a lot shorter than the regular Amazon Echo tower. There is a very small in built speaker in Alexa so that the voice assistant Alexa can talk to you. For the listening purpose you have Bluetooth and 3.5mm outputs which makes sure that you can attach your Alexa to any sound system. It can be any speaker of your choice that you can connect your Alexa with and enjoy.

A few other changes in echo dot’s design are:

  • The paint job is now glossy and not matte.
  • The volume buttons are at the top of the device.
  • The power supply is through micro USB as opposed to a bespoke plug.

The Amazing Features of Amazon Echo Dot:

You can control the device by simply talking to it afterall that’s its job it is always listening to you until and unless you go ahead and mute it. All you gotta do is call out the chosen prompt word and the device is all yours. You can ask Alexa many basic questions and she finds the right answer on Bing for you and spell it out loud.

For instance how is the weather?
“Alexa, what’s the weather like?”
What’s up with the stock market etc.

Other than this Alexa can control various smart devices at your home like Spotify, hive, just eat and Philips Hue. So you can order your food online, control your music, or dim the lights. Echo Dot has amazing voice recognition capabilities; it can even hear you from across the room.

A new feature that echo dot has is Echo spatial perception ESP, this feature allows the closest echo to respond if you have many of them in your smart house. One more beautiful feature of Alexa dot is its ability to shop by voice as long but for that you need to have a prime account.

Sound Quality

Well going with the tiny dimensional the little Alexa is one can figure out that the sound quality of Alexa is not amazing, it is loud enough so as you can have a good conversation with it without having a headache. It is clear and smooth enough for the actual purpose that it is built for but it won’t be a good choice if you want to hear music the sound is too thin and weedy for that.

Should You go Ahead and Make the Purchase

well after that I have stated all the new additions be it good or bad features of the echo dot. Well it is a great deal to go as it does everything that the classic Amazon echo does except that it is smaller and comes at a reasonable price. If you want to make your house controlled by a voice assistant then this is a no brainer for you. You can definitely go ahead and buy it as it is totally worth the price. As it comes at a low price you can even go ahead and buy more than one dots and make your home even more technology equipped.

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