Airtel FREE Data Code Mar 2023: Get Upto 548 GB Data Pack

Looking for Airtel FREE Internet tricks? You can get free Airtel 4G data using the below free internet tricks collection.

Here you get all the 100% working tricks but with their STEPS on how to activate free data on your airtel number.

Airtel Free Data Internet 100% Working Latest Tricks

Using the below tricks you can get unlimited free internet across India on the Airtel network but with speed limitations for some reasons of India. Share internet with the family trick is still offering 4G free data to loved ones.

Airtel Free Data

Having multiple Airtel free internet tricks collection will help you to get free 30 GB 4G data for 28 days with promotional offer of Volte Beta program.

Presently, other exciting offers are live which such data provider companies do for promotions to attract new users. Free internet offers on such products includes Kurkure, Lays & more where you get free 3 GB 4G data free of cost by just using inside the pack coupon code. Please read t&c on the pack itself so you get to know the validity & number of times a code/ offer can be used.

All the mentioned free data tricks will work for Airtel users only. Follow the STEPS to get free internet 4G data on your mobile phone, tablet and other devices. Some tricks will work as per the validity so try other tricks also to get long validity.

Airtel Tricks for March 2023

You can also take information for Notepad tricks which will help you to access unlimited Airtel internet. Best Airtel tricks for free 2023 are tested on this page so feel free to use them. You are one step far to accessing unlimited Airtel-free internet on your smart devices. There are multiple apps where you can get 548 Mb of free data by just signing up.

You can access 1.5 GB data/ daily as per the offer available which means you can use upto 548 GB of data yearly.

You just need to follow the below-given steps. Tricks are only valid for Airtel users. Read all the steps carefully then use the free internet trick. Let’s reveal this high-speed Airtel-free internet trick and further information that all the content on this page is just a tutorial and only for knowledge purposes. The tricks on this page are updated but for future tricks, you can subscribe by opting for our newsletter.

You can use this trick for many apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many more it’s a true trick through which you can access free internet in your browser as well as on your other smart devices. Using these tricks, you can download and enjoy unlimited internet with the below configurations at high speed which can be up to a maximum of 2MB/s for free. Airtel-free internet validity is for 3 days, 5 days, 10 days and 15 days. You can get more validity with some tricks. Make sure you use your free Airtel 4G data before expiration. Find your best trick from the below list.

1. How to Get Free 30GB Data?

Airtel users can avail the benefits of this program where Airtel is running a Volte Beta Program, you just have to validate your mobile number to get the benefits of this program which is free 30GB data once validation is done. Click here to go to the landing page and complete your phone number validation by clicking on the check eligibility button to get 30GB of free Airtel 4G data. It is valid in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Punjab & Andhra Pradesh. You’ll also get a successful validation message and instructions on how to enable 30GB of free Airtel 4G data on your devices.

2. How to Get Free 1GB Data?

Airtel users can get free 4G data using multiple ways but here we all know that Airtel and Lays are running campaigns such as a promotional pack offer which can get you 1GB of FREE 4G data for 28 days, you can also see many other promotional campaigns like Uncle Chips, Kurkure + Airtel promotional offers & many more. There are also many ways where you can get more free data by just downloading some Airtel apps like Thanks App & Airtel Internet TV.

Buy any pack of Lays, Kurkure, Doritos and Uncle Chips. In the pack, you’ll get a code that you have to enter in the Thanks App to claim the free data. It is kind of a coupon code that you have to enter in the Airtel Thanks App under the My Coupons section to claim the data.

3. How to Get Free 2GB Airtel 4G Data Using Thanks App?

Airtel is offering 2 GB of free data for their users on the Airtel Thanks App. You just have to download the official Airtel app and go to the free internet option then follow the instructions given on your screen to claim free internet data on your device.

4. Airtel Free 2GB Data Trick

Airtel prepaid users can get the benefits of this offer where you get free 2GB 4G data with the validity of 90 days. Call 52122 using your Airtel phone number. Now you’ll get a confirmation message within 24 hours and then you can check your data balance by dialing *121*2#.

5. Get 10GB of FREE Airtel 4G Data

The trick is valid for select Airtel users. Give a missed call on 52122 to get Free 2GB 4G data for the next 5 days. This trick is working for selected regions.

6. FREE 2GB Airtel 4G Data (Give A Missed Call)

Call on 51111 to get Free 2GB data by just giving a missed calls on the number. The trick is working for 4G devices with 4G sim availability. Enjoy free 2GB Airtel data.

7. 1GB FREE Airtel Internet 4G Data

Download Airtel TV App to avail the offer where you can get 1GB of free Airtel 4G data. You just have to log in to your account using your phone number, it should be an Airtel number to get eligible for Free 1GB of data. Offer is valid for new users only (applicable for the 1st time)

8. Get Free Airtel 4G 500MB Data (Download My App)

Airtel users can get 500 MB of free 4G data just by downloading Airtel My app. The trick is working for Airtel prepaid users only. You have to download the Airtel Movie app from the apps section in Airtel My app to avail 500 MB of free Airtel data. Then just complete the registration, once you get a confirmation message then you can check your net balance to know more about the free data you get.

9. Free 1.2GB Airtel Free 4G Data (Download All 4 Apps)

For this trick benefits, you just have to download all 4 apps on which Airtel is offering free data after successful installation. During this trick, you can get 1.2 GB of free Airtel 4G data. Please follow these steps to get free data. First install Airtel My App then Wynk movie, music & games apps. For each app, you can get 300MB that is 1.2GB in total after installing all 4 apps. Enjoy free Airtel data on your device.

10. FREE Airtel 4G Data Up to 6GB on 84 Day, 56 Day, 28 Day Packs

Airtel users can get this offer where you can get up to 6GB FREE Airtel 4G Data when you recharge your Airtel prepaid number with any of the packs. You’ll get 6GB free data on the 84-day pack, 4GB free data on the 56-day pack and 2GB free data on the 28-day pack in the form of coupons which you can claim in the My Airtel App.

11. FREE Airtel 60GB 4G Data 2023

  • FREE 10GB: Dial 5999555 (Toll-Free Number)
  • Free 2GB: Call on 52122 (Give A Missed Call)
  • Free 2GB: Call on 51111 (Give A Missed Call)
  • Free 10GB for 120 Days: Call on 54321 (Give A Missed Call)
  • Free 28GB: Call on 125346 (Give A Missed Call) Valid for Selected Accounts
  • Free 60GB: Message SURPRISE to 121 (Valid for Airtel Postpaid Users)
  • Free 10GB: Call on 51111 (Give A Missed Call) Valid for Selected Accounts
  • Free 100MB: Dial USSD Code *121*100# (For Selected Accounts)
  • Free 2GB: Download Airtel TV App (One Time Use)

Airtel Jackpot Free 5GB Night Data Pack Trick

It is the new Airtel jackpot free 5GB night data pack trick through which you will get a 5GB night data pack. You can access this plan without any problem. You can get the benefit of 5GB free internet (night data pack) through the below-mentioned steps. You just need to follow the below mention steps to avail this offer.

How To Get Free 5GB Night Data Pack (Airtel 5GB Free Internet Bonus Trick):-

1. First, you need to download the Airtel app from the play store. (click here to download the Airtel app)

2. Now create your A/C.

3. Login in your A/C and tab on the home option.

4. You will need to search for myJACKPOT-FREE 5GB NIGHT DATA.

Jackpot Offer

5. Now tab on Redeem

6. After that you will need to complete some other task against them you will get a free night data pack.Airtel free internet Jackpot screenshot

7. Such as download all apps which will recommend by Airtel’s official app to complete all the tasks to get 5GB night data.

8. Then you will get a 5GB free internet night data pack.

Restrictions to this Airtel 5GB Night Data Pack

  • This trick only works from 12:00 am to 06:00 am.
  • Offer will expire on 30th
  • Don’t use this trick the whole day because it will charge you on tariffs; use this trick only from 12:00 am to 06:00 am.
  • The trick is valid for Airtel users only.

Silent Features of 5GB Night Pack Trick

  • No problem if your balance is zero it will also work in that condition.
  • You can get 3G/4G data both through this offer it will also depend that in which area you want to access this trick.
  • Unlimited surfing in a day from 12:00 am to 06:00 am.
  • Downloading speed can be up to 2 MB/s per day.
  • The minimum downloading speed can be 150 kb/s.
  • Through this trick, you can access all other social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many more.
  • Easy to access and connect.

Bookmark this free internet tricks post for further updates. We publish regular updates about free internet on this page so bookmark this page in your browser. These free internet tricks are amazing to use. Hurry bookmark this page for further updates.

New free data tricks, here on this page all the free data tricks are listed. Well possibly all the tricks are working but, in some regions, tricks may not be working. On this page internet tricks also working for Airtel dongle which is also a good choice for high-speed internet. Check all the free internet tricks below.

Correctly Working with Home Pages for Free Internet 2023

  1. com or (working rightly)
  2. in
  3. com
  4. 207.111
  5. 207.113
  6. in

How to Apply Airtel Proxy Setting for Computer (PC)/ Laptop:-

  1. First, Open Firefox
  2. Navigate Tools> Options> Network> Settings> Manual Setting
  3. Use any one of the proxies from the above-mentioned proxy lists
  4. Note: if you get the low speed of loading then disable JavaScript. You’ll definitely feel the difference.
  5. Proxy: or as above
  6. Port 80
  7. APN
  8. The home page will be ( or above-described Hosts

Here is the good news for those users who always need internet on their mobile phones and other devices.

Exclusive: Airtel Recharge Rs. 100 Cashback Coupons Code

Download 4 Airtel Apps & Get 1.2 GB Data Free

  • 1stApp Myairtel App – install this app using the provided link which you will get through the Airtel site. Go to the offer page for the app download link. Using this app you will get the best deals on your recharges with 300 MB of free data.

Know more: how to download myAirtel App.

  • 2ndApp Wynk Music App – using this app you can download unlimited songs for free and you will also get 300 MB of free data on your device
  • 3rdApp Wynk Movies App – using this app you can watch the latest movies for free and you will also get 300 MB free data with this app after install
  • 4thApp Wynk Games App – using this app you will get premium games for free with 300 MB free data after app installing

Just download the above 4 apps and get 1.2 GB of free internet data on your devices. Check out some easy steps to get free internet data.

Note: 1.2 GB will be credited over 3 months as 100 MB night data per app per month.

How to Get the Above Offer:

  1. Click Here to get the app download link
  2. Now scroll down to the “GET THE DOWNLOAD LINK AS SMS
  3. Enter your mobile number on which you want to get free internet data
  4. Click on Get the Link
  5. Use the provided link and download the 4 Airtel app
  6. Enjoy 1.2 GB of free internet data
  7. Check out the terms and conditions of this Airtel free internet offer below

Terms & Conditions:

  • Free internet data which you will get is available for Airtel prepaid users.
  • Free data up to 1.2 GB, which you can be used only at night (from 12 AM to 6 AM) at the existing speed which the user has subscribed to
  • Offer will be delivered in 100 MB installments each valid for 7 days from the date of credit
  • To avail this offer, users will need to follow the below steps
  • Install the app on a mobile device once every calendar month for the next 3 months from the start date mentioned above
  • The first installment will be credited on installing and opening the latest updated version of the app using Airtel mobile internet or post-registration with an Airtel prepaid number

Second Installment Offer:

  • The second installment can be claimed by opening the above Wynk apps post 30 days of first claiming the offer
  • The third installment can be claimed post 30 days of claiming the second installment using the above Wynk apps
  • The third installment needs to be claimed within 90 days of claiming the first installment of the offer
  • In the Wynk Games App, the first installment will be credited to the User post opening the app through Airtel mobile internet network or on post registration with an Airtel prepaid mobile number. The second installment can be claimed by activating the FREE Games subscription via the app post 30 days of first claiming the Offer. The third installment can be claimed post 30 days of claiming the second installment by activating the FREE games subscription via the app. The third installment needs to be claimed within 90 days of claiming the first installment of the Offer
  • The differential of 28.8 MB between 1200 MB which is 12 installments of 100 MB each and 1.2 GB shall be credited as and when the Users complete the steps as laid down above to avail the Offer across all the apps, along with the 12th installment
  • Offer will be applicable for users on the below platforms
  • Android & IOS users

50% Night Cashback Offer:

  • Offer cannot be combined with existing 50% night cashback offer on Airtel prepaid
  • Existing users of all the above apps namely My Airtel app, Wynk Music, Wynk Movies App, Wynk Games app will also be eligible to avail the Offer and can claim the same in accordance with the steps laid down above
  • Airtel & Wynk are free to communicate regarding this offer or other offers related to Airtel and Wynk apps to users who subscribe to this offer
  • The Users acknowledge that this Offer is a gratuitous offer being extended by Airtel and Airtel will accordingly be entitled to withdraw the Offer at any time
  • For more details about Airtel Free 1.2 GB Data & Airtel Entertainment Offer, Click Here
  • Note: All the above terms & conditions are according to terms & conditions of the above offer as per Airtel T&C but use the above link for more information about the T&C of this offer.

Free Facebook, Youtube, Twitter Internet Data from Airtel (Expired)

Amazing offer from Airtel through which Airtel users can enjoy free data on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Youtube using your android smartphone/ device. The offer is still working so avail this offer now.

  • Using this offer you will get 5 MB of free data daily for Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp
  • Maximum free internet data is 25 MB daily
  • For Youtube, you will get 100 MB (for watching videos, maximum 500 MB daily)
  • You can reactivate this offer after using all free MB up to 5 times in a day
  • Check out below how to get this offer on your Airtel device

How to Activate This Amazing Free Internet Data Offer?

  1. Click Here to go to the offer page
  2. Now enter your prepaid mobile number on which you want to activate this offer
  3. After entering your mobile number click on the confirm button
  4. Now you will see your all info. About your prepaid mobile numbers such as balance and the other status of internet data which can be free or not
  5. Now open a new tab in the same browser and open the below links one by one to activate the free data plans for a specific platform
  6. FacebookYouTubeWhatsAppTwitter
  7. Now come to the first tab of your browser and after it, you will get all activation information about your freebie pack which will Airtel free internet data offer.

DroidVPN App (Expired)

Let’s do it and check how to get free internet. These tricks are the most popular because of their best internet services. These are the best Airtel tricks across the web. This trick generated by two boys in our team. We hope this Airtel-free internet trick will definitely help you to activate free Airtel internet. Before starting this tutorial, we tell you that this trick works for some reason in India.

Our team doesn’t take any guarantee that this trick will work correctly or not. We always tried to give this trick updated. Bookmark this page because we frequently update this page for a better free internet trick.

We already said that this Airtel-free internet trick works for some reason in India. This is the trick by which you can access GPRS of Airtel or 3G/ 4G also.

Airtel Free Internet

For that trick, you will need an Airtel sim card with 3G/ 4G enabled. Use the APN – Follow the below steps to get access on your phone.

Use These Steps – Mobile Users

  • First, you need to download some files using the below link
  • Extract these downloaded files into your SD card
  • Download Droid VPN app
  • Now add downloaded configuration files into the open VPN folder
  • Now Run DroidVPN files
  • After that, you’ll be connected to the internet automatically
  • Congratulations! You are connected to the internet.

We hope this Airtel-free internet trick will help you to access free internet on your phone. Make sure that you have bookmarked this page on your pc or phone for frequent updates.

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